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November 20, 2012
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Alfred, standing in front of a burning grill, sweat dripped from his brow as the heat
radiated from the cooking meat. He saw that they were ready and flipped one by one, then began to prepare them. Finished he placed them aside, ready for the other person to take them and give them to the customers.

"McDonalds, McDonalds, Kentucky fried chicken, and a pizza hut!"

Alfred sang as he filed another row of raw patties. His manager, an old man in his middle forties, eyed him closely. Eyes, full of criticism. He sighed. Readjusting his tie as he went over to the happy-go-lucky fry cook.

"Mr. Jones"

His voice was sore, as if he was yelling moments ago before talking to the blue eyed blonde. Still whistling, Alfred turned around.

"Sup, boss! How yah been?!"

"You're fired..."


I was watching television in the living room when my phone rang, clicking the call button, all that was heard after that was.


I jerked the phone away from my ear, it was Alfred. Yet again, he was talking at the speed of light, something must be wrong. "A-Al, calm down...Al...ALFRED!!"

I screamed into the phone, Alfred quiet himself, "thanks. Now whats wrong?"

"Duuuudddee" he whined "I got fired from the best job in the whole flipping planet!!" his voice cracked at the end. "You got fired from is that even possible?"

Alfred leaned against his dresser, he had been staying at his older brothers house as long. As long as he paid half of the rent, now that he was jobless, he'll have to move out. "I don't know brah, all I do know. Is that I'm missing out on some serious moola!"

"You got paid eight bucks an hour..."

"What a job! Now I'm going to be broke!"

"Just look for-"

"Oh! and Artie, sheesh who can forget that prick!"

He slid his hand down his face, groaning, he heard the front door open. Along with the sound of Arthur's voice asking if anyone was home. Panicking he shut the phone and threw it on his bed. Leaving you like an idiot waiting for him to response.

"And he hung up me..."


"Sorry kid, you got to be at least twenty-one to work here."

"Can you work from morning to night?"

"I got enough employees here."

"The jobs already taken."

Alfred faced rejection everywhere he went. Who knew getting a job was just like asking out a girl? Feet dragging on the ground, hands inside his pockets. Alfred returned home from job searching, Arthur had given him about a week to find a new job. He only had two days left.

Would his older brother let his stay, even though he can't pay the rent?

Hell no.

I watched as Alfred dragged himself into his temporary home, I was well informed that Alfred only had two days left living here. I had begged Arthur to let hims stay and that I would pay for his living fee. He told me that it was his responsibility in the first pace, that getting fired, was his fault.

"Hey Al, how was your day?"

I asked, his head was raised in shock to see me, taking off his sweater he threw it next to the coat rack. "Hey, lil dude, it was 'ight, finally found somethin'!"

"and that is?"

He flopped onto the couch, remote control in hand "I get to work at a factory, from six am to midnight." He turned on the television casually. "What? Are you seriously okay with that?!"

"Sure! They pay me eight thousand dollars every week!"

He gave me a cheeking smile, ruffling my hair, I gave him an are-you-serously-fucking-me face. He then began watching whatever show that was playing. A tiny tear ran down his cheek. Biting my lip, I shook his shoulder, to get his attention.



"Please come live with me."

Alfred stared at you for several minutes, cheeks then turned a slight color of pink, he redirected his eyes. "Uh, nah dude, I'm fine! I don't need yah to do that." He scratched the back of his head.

"Alfred" You said sternly "face it. You're going to be kicked out, maybe live in the streets, where some hobo might have his way with you."

He blinked several times "...the hell?" You shook your head and leaned in to him "what I'm trying to say is, please. For your own good, move in with me."

Alfred swallowed loudly, for the first time in his whole life, he remained quiet.

Palms beginning to sweat he stood up from the awkward position you two were in. Hands now on his hips, chest puffed out, and attitude surpassing cockiness.


You smacked you palm against your forehead "really, Alfred?!"

"NOW!" he raised his thumb into the air "time to call that dude from Canadia!! He'll totally save my ass!!" He winked. "....Whats Canadia?"

He smiled again, this time his pearly whites where brighter than ever, taking a deep breath he told me.

"I don't know!"

"you're moving in with me...."

His smile fell, "(y/n) I told you, I ain't moving in with you, the hero can handle this by himself!"

"Alfred, why don't you just accept my offer? Do you hate me that much that you don't even want to live with me?"

I rubbed my shoulder, I knew he didn't, but what was the reason why he won't just give in and live with me. No. More like what was the reason I wanted him to live with me in the first place anyways? I glance at Alfred, he was taken back, eyes wide and filled with hurt. I felt myself feeling low, a sharp tiny pain pricked my heart.

I was about to apologize when he pulled me into a tight embrace, his body mass pushing against mine. Air leaving my lungs by how hard he held me. I patted his back as a way to get him to let go, but he didn't. He nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck.Taking in my scent. I heard him mumbled silent words.


I asked, unsure of what he was saying, he was incoherent when he said it once more, this time a bit louder. "W-what? Al, what are you trying to say?"

He grabbed my shoulder, jerking me back a bit so that I would see his trembling eyes


He kissed me...

Realizing what he was doing, and what we were still doing, I relaxed into the kiss. That is until he pulled away seconds later. Eyes now warm, he brought me back into a warm embrace.

"That. That was the reason I didn't want to move in with you brah. So don't think I hate you, that wouldn't be awesome." He chuckled.

"You know I was just kidding..."

Alfred frown fell to his chin, "shit" he cursed loudly "(y-y/n)" he asked like an idiot "d-did I just ruin our friendship?" He asked voice full of insecurity.

You looked up at him, smiling you hugged him tighter "no..I think you made it better."
I'm SOOOOO sorry if this was crappy QwQ Didn't have much to work with!

This is for :iconpowbunny: she requested an AmericaxReader, and..HERE IT IS~:icondummylaplz:

I hope you like it ;w;

(C)Everything but the plot isn't mine!
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One thing I feel I must point out though; you switch between first and second person view.
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