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November 11, 2012
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When I was a child, I would always spend my time in the infirmary, I was always sick.
Inside, I would see the same bitter old hag sitting on her comfy chair, she would slide down her think rimed glasses. Just so that they would fall to the bridge of her nose. With narrowed dull eyes she pulled out a thermometer, rolling to the door, she then asked.

"Back again, brats these day don't know how to take care of themselves."

She stuck the thermometer into my mouth, gagging, she pulled it out when it made a ding noise. Reading it she hesitated for a second, shaking it she turned back to her desk, where she was before.

"Take a seat, i'll call your mom."

Nodding I went over to the little brown chairs, and took a seat. I wasn't feeling so well in the morning, and by lunch time, I had thrown up everything I ate. Holding onto my stomach I sat there as the nurse dialed my moms number. At that moment the door opened and coming in was a boy, no older than me. He had short messy blonde hair, his eyes were the color of fine emerald jewels, and really bushy eyebrows?....

Bowing his head slightly, he held onto his messenger bag as he walked through the door, the nurse turned to him once she hung up the phone. A sweet smile grazed her lips when she saw him, "Arthur!" said name flinched when she got out of her chair and ran up to him. Smouldering him in a hug, "darling, what brings you here?"

Wiggling out of her grip he dusted his school uniform, unhappy that it got wrinkled. "The ladies down at the office thought that it would be quite lovely for me to work in the infirmary. They thought it would be good practice for when I go into medicine."

He pulled out an envelope from his bag and handed it to the beaming nurse, delighted she set it aside and ushered him to her chair. "Just take a seat, I have to run some errands" she then pointed to me. "This is (y/n)" she said in an annoyed tone "just wait until her mother comes to pick her up, i'll be right back."

She snubbed me when she was leaving through the door, frowning I held my stomach even tighter, for some reason I felt even more sicker now. Glancing to where the boy was sitting at, I saw him fidgeting in the chair, he set down his bag. Looking at all the papers on desk he then started to organize them into different piles.

The silence began to be unbearable, just sitting there I felt my stomach churn.

"Oh no.." I moaned out, Arthur lifted a brow, "i-is there anything wrong?" he asked. Covering my mouth, I threw myself on the floor, in front of me was the trash can.

"Are you okay?"

He stood up, worried, feeling something come up I threw up whatever was left in my stomach and into the trash can. Stepping back, Arthur scrunched up his nose, hand in front of him he extended his arm and rubbed my back. Finished I wiped the corners of my mouth, spitting I sat back.

"I-I'm sick" tears began to leak out of my red eyes, I felt myself get warmer as my breaths felt hot and stuffy. Feeling my forehead,he then made a tsk sound "you have a fever" he grabbed me by the arms, and helped me stand up. With wobbly knees, I was seated back down "take it easy, the condition you're in, it won't help if you move around so much."

"W-wheres my mommy?" I whimpered as I felt another wave of nausea hit. "She'll be here in no time, now, whats your name?" He bent down on his knee, ruffling my hair he kept his gaze on me.

"M-my name is (y/n)"

He smiled slightly, or at least tried to, "(y/n) how old are you?" I threw up a little bit
in my mouth. "E-eight." He gasped  "eight?" he patted my head.

"I'm Arthur Kirkland and i'm thirteen, now since you're such a strong girl, why don't you let me care of you?"  

"W-why should I do t-that?"

"Because," he entwined his hand with mine "i'm going to be a doctor one day, so I can take care of people just like you."

He then kissed my knuckles, just as when my mother came through the door.

Since that day in Elemetary school, I had been getting sick and sick countless of times. The infirmary was practically one of my classes, and I got a long with the nurses. Now i'm in high school, and the first day of school, I went to the infirmary during third period. When I felt dizzy, feeling like I was about to pass out. I made my usual way to the infirmary and walked inside.

The smell of disinfectants filled the air, a single bed with a blue blanket over it was sitting besides the farthest corner of the room. A desk and chair was right in front of it, with a side table and cabinet.

I took in the lovely smell, so used to it from being here so many times, it was okay. Unlike hospitals which smelled far better. Noticing that the nurse wasn't there I happily went to the bed and laid on it. My eyes fluttered shut when my head made contact with the pillow, it felt like the back of my head burning and aching. Wincing in pain, the heat radiated from it making the pillow hotter.

"Another fever huh?" I questioned myself, then fell asleep once I felt calm.

A tall man walked into the room, wearing a green nurses outfit, in his hands he held a clipboard. His eye twitched when he saw someone resting on the the thin mattress, he puckered his lips. Eyes narrowing, lifting the clipboard into the air he was about to wake the lazy student who decided to waltz in here and skip class. When he stopt seeing that it was a girl, something sparked in his mind.

"What the bloody fuck?"

He lowered the clipboard, bringing it back to his chest, he knew this student. He doesn't know how, he can just feel it. Shaking his head, he went to his desk and sat there wondering who the girl was.

A few weeks had passed, and luckily I've been fine, I was able to do well in my classes. Happy as I could be, it was time for my last class. In my desk, I was finishing a test, sweat dripped down my brow as I wrote down the final answers before time was up. One the last question I felt something clutch my stomach, squishing and beating it. Screaming in pain, I gripped my stomach as waves of pain and nausea hit me.

"(Y/N)! Whats wrong!?"

My teacher worriedly yelled over the rows of students, hunching over I fell to the floor with a loud thud. Everything turned pitch black immediately after I hit the floor.
When I woke up I was laying on the bed inside the infirmary, a thin blue blanket covered my body. A frozen sponge was used as an ice bag. Moaning , my bones cracked as I sat upright, my eyes were cloudy, and my body felt weak.
"You're finally up my love"

I heard a man speak from the other end of the room, shocked I held my blanket up "w-what?!" I squeaked. He had blonde hair, emerald eyes and really bushy eyebrows, something clicked when I said that. No, more like it was normal for me to say such a thing, as if I said something similar to it long ago.

"W-what happened?" I groggily asked, and still disoriented. He sat in his chair with his leg onto of the other, eyes directed at some papers on the desk and lollipop in his mouth. Without any effort he rolled to the cabinet, pulling out a long white and blue box. The rolled back to me, clipboard still in hand and eyes never leaving it.


He handed me the box, taking it I looked at it with an arched brow, I was confused about what that box was. Then my face lighted up as I figured out what it is.

"Its for your period."

He said bluntly, face red I fell back into bed and covered myself, dying of embarrassment.

"T-thank you..." I bit my lip, cutting it from the pressure I put into it.

"Your welcome, (y/n)"

My eyes widened "h-how do you know my n-name?!" I stuttered, he didn't answer. "I asked you a question!"

"Its here in your school file..."


Arthur bit into his lollipop, crushing it in his mouth and threw the stick away in the trash can. He knew this name, he knows it, but from where? His facial expressions soften when he came across an old memory. Shrugging it off,  he settled down the clipboard on his desk.

"Judging by your school records, it seems that you spent a good amount of you time and life under medical care."

Slowly nodding I shivered at the though of someone reading and going through my school records. It feels as if someone is defiling a part of your life and knowing all your school secrets.  

"I was, and still am, a sick child. I've always gotten sick and I will remain that way. Its genetics I suppose, either that or my immune system hates my guts."

Arthur nodded his head, "I see, well (y/n) I have some bad news..." his voice became quiet and low. I froze in place, and waited for what he was about to say that may concern my health.

"...You're staining the bed."

I shot out of bed, and made a dashing for the bathroom, skin burning from embarrassment. Arthur chuckled when he saw how you reacted. "(Y/n) still strong I see, after all these years, your still a strong woman."

He strolled to the bathroom door with his hands in his pockets, knocking twice he heard your high pitch voice screaming out a "y-yes?!"

"Now love, settle down, when your done please come out, I would like a chat with you."


"I want to inform you about something."

Both on opposite sides of the shiny wooden desk, I saw the man, also known as Arthur Kirkland from what he said. In front of his laptop, typing and clicking away. He looked up at me several times. I sat shaking in my chair, arms holding each other.

"What do you want, Mr. Kirkland?"

"Hm, I like the sound of that name, though you do know i'm only a few years older than you?"

"What?" You said surprised that it was true, "just a mere five years, nothing more and nothing less."

"Then why are you the nurse? I thought you had to go to medical school to become one?"

He entwined his hands, "no, dear, i'm still going to medical school. After next month it would be my fourth year, I was accepted at the age of fourteen. Being a nurse at this school is merely practice for what will happen in the near future."
Your head began to ache from all he said, rubbing your temple you translated and pieced together what he said.

" want to become a doctor? Why?"

A lady, who I knew was the actual nurse walked into the room with a few papers in hand.

"Why hello there, Arthur~"

A heart stopping woman, with bright blonde hair and sapphire eyes went up to arthur, she flipped her back length hair. And fluttered her eyelashes as she handed him the papers she had in her hand.

"I finished all the paper work you gave me~"

Arthur stared back at her unfazed by her flirtatious behavior, "I told you to copy the documents in file cabinet F, not to fill out forms. Can't you do anything right, Françoise?"

The corner's of her mouth twitched, she pulled her hair behind her ear, and leaned in closer to him. "I can everything right, if you just let me~" she purred into his ear. Your face reddened at just the sight of this happening.

Arthur scowled, he scrunched his nose at the french woman trying to get into his pants. Pushing her away with his arm, "I'll have to decline your offer, frogface, I'll accept. When hell freezes over..."

Her cheeks puffed out "Black Sheep of Europe!" with that she marched out of the room, leaving you stunned at what just happened.

"Excuse that poor excuse of a frog, her master forgot to train her not to hump anyone's leg, now as I was saying." His last statement made you sit up straight.

"I want to become a doctor because long ago, I met a sick little girl, who I fell in love with. I promised her that I would become a doctor so that I can help people that were as ill as she was."

I blinked in awe "w-who was she?" he gave a sadden smile "she's no longer alive."

Day after day, when I wasn't sick or in need of help, I would visit Arthur after school or in between classes. I liked the way we would talk, I liked the way he would listen to me, I liked him.

Today was graduation, the day everyone worked for, and as for me I was celebrating it in the infirmary. Arthur and I clanked glasses of apple cider, as we both sat down on the medical bed. Where both of us met.

"To us, may your life be full of health!"

Arthur exclaimed in a sarcastic tone, fake laughing I hit my glass against his "harhar, you're really funny artie." He drank his drink happily "I try when I can, love" he winked.
I stared down at my glass, seeing how my fingers were all bandages up, the reason they were so injured. Was the fact that I was trying to bake something for Arthur, you know as a parting gift, but all I ended up making. Was a mess and burnt fingers and arms.

"Why so glum? You look like Françoise when she can't find any men to wank!" He laughed loudly. Giggling, I pulled my bag from beneath the bed and dug inside the pockets, pulling out a small package. "Hey...Arthur, i made yo-"

I was about to hand him my gift when his cellphone rang, "what in the..." he checked the caller ID before answering.


I heard a woman at the other side of the phone, she was screaming and by the sounds of it was really exited. Arthur rubbed his temples, "yes...I understand, I know" he sighed "I love you."

That last part made my heart fall to the pit of my stomach. "W-who was that?" I asked him once he got of his phone "hmm? Oh, that's my fiance, Amelia. She found a place where the wedding will be taken place at, some burger joint down in some state as I heard. That fatass moron" he chuckled.

I swallowed the lump in my throat "so what did you want to give me?" I shoved the baked sweet into my bag. "NOTHING!" I screamed out, head hung low, I shot up.

"I wish you a long happy life with your fiance"

I bowed then marched out of the room leaving a speechless Arthur behind.

To this day I wished that I wouldn't have done that...

Today was my twenty-six birthday, and i'm spending it at the hospital, it started out with a cold I got. Then when I came into the doctor's office...I found out that it was far worse. I was watching the news, when a commercial came on. A beautiful almost unrealistic woman came onto the screen. Her hair was a dirty blonde, wavy and reached to her neck. She strut down a cat walk, and when she reached the camera. She gave a bright smile as her ocean blue eyes sparkled.


I said in awe, I felt my heart ache, the heart monitor beside me went off by a beat, then a loud long beep filled the air. Not by the heart monitor but by the alarm next to it.

"Here we go..." I said wearily then pounded my chest "ow," a doctor came into the room with his hands in his pockets.

"I knew you would get yourself this sick someday love"

The voice sounded familiar, I was shocked when I turned around and saw Arthur leaning against the door frame. "Nice enough of me to stop by and visit" I rolled my eyes, covering myself I snubbed him.

"Now what?"

He sat down on my bed, hand on my shoulder he shook me "leave me alone..." I shook my shoulder trying to get his hand to come off. Scowling he hit me on the side of the head.

"Is that anyways to treat your doctor?!"

Holding my head I shot up "HEY what was that for!" I barked then coughed when my throat dried up quickly. "Take it easy" this time it was his turn to rolled his eyes, laughing I ruffled is hair.

"So how's things with the family?"

His facial expressions feel, eyes dulling over he hung his head making his bangs drape over his eyes.

"Whats wrong?"

I tilted my head, I saw his fists tightened "me and Amelia broke it off...the day of our wedding, I just couldn't do it, and she couldn't either. Apparently, she was cheating on me with some guy by the name of Alfred, shame really."

I covered my mouth, feeling horrible of mentioning something he wanted to forget, but actually. I was happy that he didn't get married.

"I'm sorry..." I rubbed his  back "she truly missed something great" I smiled.

"Think so?"

"Yeah. So how like being a doctor?"

He stood up, gaze directed at me giving me his full attention "Its great, love. Its wonderful, I get to help people and make the girl I love happy." He held his hand against his heart, I frowned "love?" I had to ask.


"You know you still never told me who it w-"

I felt my heart tighten, the heart monitor began to screech out of control, my fingers began to curl up. And other parts of my body as they shook and twitched, the start of a seizure.


Arthur was swarmed by nurses, racing to the equipment he hurriedly rolled the defibrillator placing it next to you. Racing to the cabinets he pulled out vials of atropine and adrenaline, and threw them to the flailing nurses.


He yelled out, nodding the nursed awaited to use the drugs, rolling up his sleeves he began to inject your thigh muscle with Midazolam. When the seizure stopped, the heart monitor still went into a straight line. You body began to pale and your eyes grew grey.


The nursed injected you with the medicine, when it didn't take affect Arthur pinched your nose and with deep breath he began to breath for you. Pumping your chest several times. His eyes were wide and his mouth formed a straight line when you didn't respond, that's when the line began to beat again. Giving him hope.


He threw himself onto you, still administering the procedure "hang on!" he breath into you, your lips felt cold. Sending shivers down his spine, "hang on...(y/n)..hang on god dammit..."

"Hang on..."


"I feel better!~" You shot your hand into the air as you spun in circles "I don't feel sick! I can move as much as I can! I'm cured!~"

You danced around as you yelled in joy, you leaped into the air landing on a cloud. Arching your body to stare down below, you saw a funeral take place. Smiling, you dived down, feeling the air flow through your body.

You landed down next to Arthur with a smile as wide as it can go 'hey Artie~' you knew he couldn't hear you. He stared down at the grave stone in utter grief.

"..i'm sorry I couldn't save you."

You heard him mumble under his breath 'its fine, you kept your promise, you became a doctor so that you can cure people like me.' You touched his cheek as bitter tears fell.

"If only I tried harder...if only I had told you, told you that I loved you..."

Giggling you flew around him 'I waited for you to say that~ I love you too~' you were about to jump onto him. When a woman, a brunet walked up to him and clutched his arm. You shrunk back when you noticed it was the same model on television.

"Come on babe, its time to go..."

Her voice was low, pulling on his arm, he took one last look at your grave before turning away.

"Coming, Amelia."
My first FINISHED One shot ;w; and i'll be shot and bombed for it....LIVE WELL LIVED!! XD

Hope it makes sense because, I just made this to get rid of an Idea and writers block.

This is something different from what you normally find, I think...It was more of a one sided love, in end ehh, more over he ended up with Amelia. A.K.A- Female!America for those of you who don't know ;) Female!France Appeared too!~

The reason England isn't THAT tsundere is because face it, he was kind to chibi!America, therefore nice to children(except sea-kun). He does fight with France, but since its fem, he has to be kind to women even though he doesn't want to. Lastly, he was more serious and didn't drink(he secretly was XD) because, you can't find a iggy like that~ SHOOT ME NOW!! *opens arms* xD


All who requested from me, sorry its taking so long, like I said. I got writers block in the worst possible time. I'll try and try, until I could finish all of them!! :iconfinallyplz:

(c) only story ish mine!! :iconyayitalyplz:

This story is dedicated to:iconkillersuzie: may she get better ;w; Hope you stay healthy hun!
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omg *sobs*
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This story is absolutely beautiful in every single way possible. I thought that everything was absolutely perfect. From the character development of Arthur himself to the point of view of the reader it was absolutely amazing! Now I can only imagine that one day Arthur will be reunited with the Reader and live on.  This was so great I even cried at the end. Fantastic Job. Simply Fantastic!

Heta-Chan415 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconhappycraiplz: thank you! I was thinking the same thing! Maybe one day, they will be reunited with one another!
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I hope so! ^^ Still an awesome story though! :) I look forward to more in the future! :D
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No no it's alright :iconsweethugplz:
And Thanks :iconyea-plz: I'll stay strong
AniME4eva33 Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
This is truly a beautiful story I can relate to :)
When I was about 7 I was diagnosed with a genetic disease that causes me to have a dangerously low number of white blood cells making me highly vulnerable to disease and infection. I've been hospitalised many times and have had many scares but through all of it, I'm pulling through :D
Hopefully my story doesn't end with me perishing but as long as I keep optimistic! I'll surely find myself an "Arthur" and pull through! :D
Sorry for sharing part of my sob story ^^;
I just really felt I can relate to this story and love it :iconcraiplz:
Heta-Chan415 Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
;A; aww! //hugs

I'm sorry sweetie! Stay strong, and one day you will find your Arthur ;u;
Butterfingas Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
Amazing story, BUT I DON'T LIKE THE ENDING! *Flies back into body and throws coffin lid off*
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